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A Date with North East India

Despite being an unexplored part of India, one cannot ignore the surreal natural beauty the North-eastern region showcases. Though these places have a low development rate, but that should never be a reason to erase them off from your itinerary.

To contradict all these so called facts, I decided to experience a trip to the beautiful eastern edges.

So let’s just go along with the article and have a look upon the breathtaking sceneries I witnessed.


SHILLONG : Inclining through narrow swirly roads, we reached this magnificent place. Also known as Abode of the clouds, Shillong proves to be the best because of its pleasant weather. Apart from the incredible beauty of the hills, one gets a number of chances to kiss the clouds and feel the chilling fresh air texture.

GUWAHATI : Settled on the banks of Brahmaputra, this Assamese town is a paradise for nature lovers. From the pious Kamakhya Devi temple to the diverse Kaziranga National Park, the place serves you with a plenty of choices.

Bara Paani Lake is a famous spot in the northern Shillong. In addition of being a part of the Hydel project, the lake also supports various water sports like kayaking, water cycling, scooting and boating.

You will definitely love it, if you are one of those who need an escape from the boring routine and just want to relax sitting amidst the flawless views of the Himalayan ranges and enjoy the fresh winds waving your hair.


Being one of the richest receptor of rainfall every year, Cherrapunji proudly boasts off itself as “Earth’s Wettest Place”. In combination with lush green beauty of the hills, the place is always surveilled with dark clouds.

Nothing can replace the astonishing views of the Nohkalikai falls. The gushing sound of the waterfall penetrates you with a sense of pacification.

In addition, Cherrapunji is also known for its various cliff points to witness the lovable views of sunrise.

With the hilly outlines sloping down under your feet and the clouds hugging you over and over again makes you feel at the top of the world.

The living root bridges are a perfect example of the aged cultural history of Cherrapunji. Ranging from over 500 years old tree root bridges, this place welcomes its every visitor with a wide courteous smile.


“The unexplored patches are the most beautiful, because they are least touched by the human carelessness.”







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