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By Evelyn St. Germain

India Inspiration & Insights


1) Embrace life on their terms…cars, traffic, honking horns, pedestrians trying to cross the busiest of roads, the smells of people and streets where millions co-exist.


2) Drink Tea…Indian Style….when in Rome do as the Romans, and when in India do as the Indians


3) A simple smile will bring such sincere kindness and goodwill, it costs nothing


4) Cherish history, it is what makes these fascinating and diverse cities blend from one generation to the next and opens one’s eyes to the struggles of many


5) Forget time….go for as long as you can, and start refreshed with a new set of eyes tomorrow.  One trip will never be enough for this destination, if you fall in love with India you will feel compelled to return and find new places to explore


6) Viewing the poverty is difficult and heartbreaking.  I said a quick prayer, each time we passed the worst living situations.  If you believe in Karma as they do in the Hindu religion, then you can appreciate their beliefs that their lives are as intended.  It makes it a little easier to  not feel so pained.


7) Visiting the Taj Mahal is amazing.  This mausoleum is listed as a 7th wonder of the world. It is the epitome of the power of love.  Shah Jahan had it commissioned for his deceased wife in 1632.  Just imagine, what it took to build and the thousands of romantics in the world that visit each and every year.  As we say today, LOVE is LOVE…..and you are very lucky if it happens once in a lifetime.


8) Realize that where there is one person asking for money on the street, there will be many more behind them in a split second once you go to open your wallet. There are pro’ s in this business also.


9) You can’t come to the destination with a blindfold and ear plugs, you must be ready to see and hear it all in its glory



10) Come with the knowledge that all your sensory perceptions will be stimulated for good and bad every minute of every day


11) Understand that the children will touch your heart in a way that you will want to save them all. Unfortunately, it’s not possible and many are still happy with so little.


12) Accept that Delhi belly may also be part of the experience… the good…lose some weight, the bad…it’s not pleasant or avoidable for some.  Drink plenty of bottled water, Kingfisher beer, wine and maybe half a can of Coke daily as preventative measures. Make sure the food is well cooked, and fruits have a thick skin, don’t eat food off the street or you will spend your time with the closest porcelain object.


13) View the opulence of palaces, castles, mosque’s, hotels, forts with an artistic eye and appreciation for the one of a kind pieces that make them unique in a historical period of time, some even as far back biblical writings



14) Be enchanted by the beautiful bright colors of the textiles, Sari’s, scarves, rugs, jewels as they are what makes you want to take a big part of this destination home with you


15) Partake in the festivals…they might make your heart happy and your soul want to dance with joy


16) Realize and appreciate that the many historical buildings took decades to build with slave labor. These are national treasures, and a true testament to the hardest working individuals of all time


17) There is a God or Goddess here for every occurrence in Hindu lifestyle, which invokes deep Gratitude and days of Celebration.   It can be very eye opening and thought provoking…think “Eat, Pray, Love.”


18) All Indians live and work to enjoy  an array of food and familial moments (once a friend, you will always be family to them)



19) Music and Dance makes each city come to life.  It can take place anywhere, as streets suddenly can become crowded and impassable. Spontaneity is welcomed.  Dance, and dance some more


20) As they bow to you with hands crossed, feel free to extend that same gesture in the spirit of Namaste that drives this mystical land


21) Travel in India with an open heart sharing love and kindness along your journey, rest assured you will receive much more than you give.


22) Push your limits of adventure each daily whether it be with food tastings, exploring different sights, or riding through the busy streets in Jodhpur in racing Tuk Tuk’s or rick shaws in Old Delhi’s Spice market. It all contributes to creating an unforgettable trip in India


23) Listen and meditate to the call to prayer in Agra, it transforms your mind and spirit to another place.  It reminds you that you have chosen to cross borders to learn and experience another culture and its people. You do not have to be Muslim to understand that giving Thanks and centering your spirit is healing for everyone.


24) The camels, elephants, monkeys, sacred cows, and stray dogs all have their roles in this fascinating country.  If time allows head to Rathambore to see the Bengal tigers, it’s an experience that is still missed by many.


25) Bindi blessings are often offered on arrival by many hotels, as they wish you prosperity, good health and more good will upon us.  It is traditionally a colorful dot in red or yellow which is put in the middle of your forehead.  I feel a special peacefulness in my soul each time this ceremony is performed.


Last but, not least…..Be inspired each day to live by these profound words……..

“Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever.”

Mahatma Gandhi










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