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All of us and I really mean all of us, with our extremely busy schedules and hectic lives, need a little break every now and then. But as we lack time to take a proper holiday until thoroughly planned, we look for places in the vicinity.


I happened to go on one such escapade recently to Jaipur. Having visited the city a couple of times before, there wasn’t much left for the ‘Oh My God, it’s the Pink City’ excitement factor but the plan was put into place and a road trip began for a much-needed break.


Instead of staying in the main city, we decided to stay at a resort in the outskirts of the town, to enjoy the peace.

Jaipur has a lot to offer for the touristy soul. Having visited the city before a couple of times, my tourist soul was pretty satisfied and this time around my mind wanted tranquility, serenity and calmness, something my resort offered very well. Regardless, we went to Amer Fort because Jaipur is not Jaipur to a tourist if they don’t go to Amer Fort.


Amer Fort stands mighty on a forested hill and is slightly outside the main city of Jaipur (No history from my side because I think Google is a better bet). Hire a guide or roam around as you may, it’s completely your call. A guide is a good option when you don’t want to get lost and when you would like just the perfect amount of history to be told with a little bit of masala free from the guide’s side. Like every other tourist, we clicked loads of photos, which everyone should, to remind you to take a break every once in a while. Towards the exit of the fort you will find an outlet of Café Coffee Day. If the weather is in your favor, like it was in ours, grab a coffee and sit in their outdoor seating area.


What a splendid evening it was, sitting outside on a hill with coffee, the right amount of breeze and good company. It was the kind of evening we all crave for. At least the coffee and nature lovers like me do for sure.


As we headed back into the city, we had a little time to kill before dinner so we decided to go shopping.


Bapu Bazaar is the main and the most famous bazaar in Jaipur, known for all the local jewelry, bed sheets, clothes etc. and it is also where the famous Hawa Mahal is situated. So if you are looking for the beautiful, local and authentic jaipury work that the artisans have to offer, you should head to Bapu Bazaar, but you must remember that it is a street based shopping place, not for the weak-(where-is-the-mall)-hearted


You can also head to National Handloom Corporation (situated in branches all around the city) if you want one stop shop for all your authentic shopping and when you don’t want to roam around on streets.


After the shopping, we headed to Chowki Dhani for our dinner. Word of advice about this place – DO NOT MISS THIS. As simple as that, do not miss it if you ever visit Jaipur.


It’s a traditional Rajasthani themed village resort which has a lot of fun things to do inside which is then followed by the most delectable rajasthani food that is served with a lot of love and it bound to leave you licking your fingers.

With that, ended my day of exploration because we decided to stay in at our resort the next day and hang out by the pool and relax.


For most other people, head to the shopping places I suggested above the 2nd day instead of making your 1st day hectic by doing everything in one go.


I hope you enjoyed this.






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