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First Hotel of Mumbai, The Taj Mahal Palace

During my recent visit to the city of dreams, Mumbai, I had the opportunity of visiting one of the oldest hotels in India, The Taj Mahal Palace. And it is required for me to publish about the heritage hotel before I write about my Mumbai experiences because, I want to clear my mind from the unique aura this hotel has blend me in.

1st December 1903, was the grand opening of one of the most luxurious hotels in the world in that time, and till date, The Taj Mahal Palace. Quite shocking was the fact, that a hotel which rates upto more than $1000 a room night, was introduced at a ‘moderate charge’ of Rupees 6 and upwards!


The Taj Mahal Palace, is leader in the hospitality and tourism industry. Built 21 years before the Gateway of India, it a heritage monument in itself that houses hundreds of guests everyday.


Facts about the Taj Mahal Palace :


- In 1970, the Hotel brought about rupees 1.4 crores in foreign exchange

- The meetings to free India, during the revolution against the British were held in the conference rooms of the Hotel.

- It was the first hotel in India to have Electricity.

- The speech for Independent India was given by Lord Mountbatten in the Ballroom of Taj Mahal Palace

- This hotel houses the first every licensed bar in Mumbai

- Also, this hotel was host to First Ladies, the first man on moon and the first African US President.


The brilliant web of staircases, the carpets on the floors, the British styled lobbies, and the lighting of the palace, all that mingling with the history of this alluring hotel, makes me believe that once in a lifetime, one must stay and experience history coming alive!


The hotel now has two wings, namely the tower wing, and the palace wing. The rooms come with a view of the sea and the city. The suites in the palace wing include the executive and luxury suites, and a new addition to the inventory called the polo suites.


The palace wing houses suites which are all different from each other, telling a different story altogether. These suites include, Ravi Shankar Suite (where Pandit Ravi Shankar taught George Harrison the sitar), The Tata Suite (the most desired suite in Mumbai), Rajput Suite, and The Dolphin Suite.

Post the infamous and unfortunate events of 26/11, The Taj Mahal Palace, today stands tall emblematic of its strength and pride.






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