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The Ocean, Goa

“Come, it’s time to go”, my cousin said while we all were sitting on the beach, enjoying the sunset. “In a while, let me sit here for sometime”, I replied.


I wanted to organize my thoughts in order to be able to understand few things. And while I relaxed by the beach, sipping wine, listening to some good music playing in my phone, I realized how important this trip was, for me. I mean, to be able to just go somewhere far away from everything doesn’t only mean freedom, sometimes it’s really important. I thought about everything that was going on then, and somehow, with the waves crashing the shore once and then taking it all back into the ocean, every thought seemed to be in perfect synchronization. It crashed, made sure it took everything, and went back.


That’s precisely what we’re made of; our thoughts and experiences.


Our bodies are just symbolic of oceans; carrying so many secrets, yet to be discovered.


The impromptu trip turned out to be the most important getaway. I learned to let things just be, just because of the fact that there are so many beautiful things yet to be discovered, felt, and experienced. What harm did a bad experience do anyway? Isn’t it everything what life’s about? Embracing the bad and celebrating the good?


That’s exactly what I did. After all, acceptance is the key, sometimes.. Well mostly, every time!


“Aren’t you ready for the party, yet?”, asked an irritated brother. “Absolutely! That’s what we’re here for!”, I replied.


No one else, but I knew that I left a part of me there, because when I got back, I wasn’t the same person, anymore. I freed myself from whatever I was holding on to! With every wave going back into the ocean, with every breath I released, I let go.






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