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Tastes of Tourism of Telangana


Telangana, the 29th and youngest state of India, formally recognized on June 2, 2014 is a treasure  trove of tourist destinations. One of the largest states in South India, Telangana is known for its hospitality and multicultural & pluralistic society.

Hyderabad, the capital city of this state is the fifth largest city in India and home to some of India’s best educational institutions, public sector and defense companies and a thriving global services sector and film industry.



The extensive road network of the state offers a hassle free experience for tourists. Telangana is a popular destination for tourists not just from around the country, but also from around the world.

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In the image above is a monolithic Buddha statue, which is 16 meter tall and weighs 350 tonnes. It was installed in the middle of the Hussain Sagar Lake, which is brilliantly silhouetted against the sunset. Entirely made of white granite the statue finds place among the tallest statues of the world. Boating and other water sports are a common feature at Hussain Sagar including regular yachting and activities by sailing clubs, which can all be arranged.



Above is the Thousand pillared temple which is located in Hanamkonda. It  is one of the most important parts of the Warangal City. The temple was constructed in the 1163 AD by the great Rudra Deva.

Every part of the temple depicts the typical Chalukya style of architecture. The Thousand Pillared Temple has three presiding deities, Lord Vishnu, Shiva and Surya Deva and it stands as statement of the finest of arts of the Kakatiyas.

Visiting this Temple is a must if you want to learn more about the richness of our country. The temple is a very famous pilgrimage center, in Warangal and thousands of devotees of all faiths come here to pay their homage and get a glimpse of this wonderful construction.



When talking about the nature, large man-made lakes are a testimony to the efforts of our rulers in historical times. Take a stroll across the lake’s boulevards on a pleasant evening and it is when you notice the cool breeze smoothly caressing your senses and welcoming you to this place.

The tank bund is dotted with elegant statues of eminent historical personalities such as Nannayya,  Tikkana,  Molla, Sri Sri Jashua, Annamayya, Tyagayya, Vemana  Erranan, Rudramma, and Pingali Venkaiah greeting you warmly.


Close to the Hussain Sagar Lake, you can visit other tourist spots like Lumbini Park, enchanting Birla Mandir, Snow world, NTR gardens and Planetarium. You can take a ride on your vehicle or a lengthy stroll on necklace road, which enhances the beauty of the Hussain Sagar Lake. The ancient and revered shrine of Katta Maisamma, which means goddess of the dam, located here, attracts many devotes. The Lake is also the spot where annual Ganesh immersion happens with religious fervor.



The rich culture is depicted when locals in medak celebrate various festivals of Telangana, notably the festival of Bathukamma, a 9-day long worship of patron  goddess of womanhood, Maha Gauri .


The goddess is worshipped in the form of the Bathukamma. Other notable festivals celebrated in Medak include Bonalu (in image above) and Peerla Panduga, celebrated by both Hindus and Muslims.







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